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Playground Rules Influence Energy Policy

by | 25th, May 2007

MICK Hume sees Government blowing off steam about all things green:

Where could ministers have got the idea for their new waste-into-energy policy? Perhaps from places not covered by the Freedom of Information Act.


According to reports, they plan to give us sealed containers for food waste. The Times reports that the biological breakdown within “would produce methane, which could be converted into alternative energy” for heat and light.


Methane creating heat and light – that may sound strangely familiar to generations of schoolboys, who first came to know methane as a flammable gas produced in the body and emitted in flatus. Many a crowd-pleaser has risked scorched school trousers by holding a match to his ululating behind.

Might it be that munching on gas-making cabbage and beans will save the planet?

Save the planet – eat more, er, greens!


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