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Australian Big Brother Contestant And A Slow Death

by | 26th, May 2007

OVER on Big Brother Australia, housemate Emma Cornell’s father has died.

This from the Guardian:

What can you say? It feels vaguely nihilistic to begin a column with these words, but they do seem the appropriate response to waking up the morning after the damning Ofcom report into Channel 4’s handling of Big Brother, and discovering that a contestant in the Australian version has not been told her father has died.

Last week, Emma Cornell’s father, Raymond, died in a cancer hospice. He was buried a few days later. There appears to be some suggestion that Ms Cornell’s total ignorance of these developments is “what he would have wanted”. What can you say, in the name of sanity, other than that real life seems to have become the punchline to a particularly grim version of an old joke. The bad news is she’s missed the funeral, the good news is she’s still in with a chance of the cash prize and the guarantee of being written off as a tragic wannabe by the Australian equivalent of Heat magazine in three months’ time.

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