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Property Boom Hits Cannabis Factories

by | 31st, May 2007

cannabis.jpgTHERE are many obvious consequences of the current property boom, from unfeasibly enormous mortgages to the unfeasibly large amount of hatred one may have for property developers.

However, a negative effect on the illegal drugs industry definitely isn’t one of them.

Yet, according to a report by the Metropolitan Police Authority, the number of new cannabis factories in London is dropping as rising house prices hit the dealers’ profit margins.

It is estimated that there are currently between 700 and 800 premises in the capital, often bought or rented by Vietnamese gangs, where the hi-tech factories are run.

However, the property boom, coupled with sophisticated police tactics, such as using thermal imagery cameras to spot the illicit cultivation, is starting to have a major impact on the production of the Class C drug in the capital.

Will any good ever come from the property boom?

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