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Ichea And Scratchea: Big Brother’s Charley Uchea..

by | 1st, June 2007

charleys-ucheas-angels.jpgBIG Brother is upon us and the Star’s front page zooms is on Charley Uchea.

Charley with a “Why?” is proud of her vital statistics, specifically her being related to Manchester United footballer Kieran Richardson, pneumatic breasts (two) and a habit of biting the hair from her fingers.

(Readers should note that said hair is believed to sprout from the back of Charley’s hands but these are early days in the polemic and we await developments.)

Charley is also a warning made so much flesh to ceremonial guardsmen as to what can occur if they clean their bearskins on a hot wash and over blow dry. Viewers have not seen hair like Charley’s since chimney sweeps were in their pomp.

This is Charley with a Why.

And the former lap-dancer is showing the world her “SECRET SEXY PICS” on the Star’s cover page. Look on as Charley bares her knickers-clad backside and pushes her breasts together in the manner of a Mediterranean farmer selling water melons at the roadside.

Sun readers get to see “Peek-a-boob” Charley as her twin fruits pop out of her gold top at a party for rapper P Diddy.

And hear an ex-lover say: “She was insatiable. One night we went to a party and ended up in the bedroom. She stripped and I took the camera out. She loved it.”

And: “She made it clear it was not an exclusive relationship. She wanted casual sex. She loved watching porn and acting out what was on screen. She’s going to make a hell of a ripple in the Big Brother house.”

Not a ripple, we’d suggest, more of a stain on the couch. Or an unsightly splash.

So much for Charley Uchea. Or Ichea…

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