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Operation Enduring Prince Harry In Afghanistan

by | 4th, June 2007

prince_harry_iraq.jpgMUCH progress in operation Enduring Prince Harry. (Pic: Beau Bo D’Or)

The Mail reports that Harry might not be adding Afghanistan to his tour of non-duty because, well, it’s dangerous.

The paper tells is readers that the intensity of fighting has increased. Yes, that’s right, with Harry no longer going to Iraq, fighting has flared in Afghanistan.


Harry’s is a prized scalp in these heated lands. A truth recognised by the British Army.

The plan is for Harry to travel through the sands, his head poking from his surveillance vehicle like a Belisher Beacon. The insurgents will emerge from their holes and bunkers and be slaughtered. And the war will be won. Hurrah!

And there will be many Harrys. The Allies Ronald McDonald Army will see all troops equipped with a Harry fright wig. And when the wigs run out, the enemy will recruit Princess Beatrice, Sarah Ferguson and any other notable blue-blooded gingers to join the fray. Mick Hucknall, 1980s singer Sonia and Cilla Black are on stand-by.

But now comes the news that Harry is not going to Afghanistan. Or he might be. The enemy is in a state of confusion.

Is Harry already in Iraq? Was his removal from duty a ruse? And what is that thin orange line on the horizon?

And operation Enduring Harry moves on…

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