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Big Brother: Amanda And Sam Marchant’s Twin Love

by | 4th, June 2007

burton-twins.jpgIT’S the Big Big Brother debate. The question: “Would you SHARE the same man.”

As ever, much room for sticky debate on the Daily Sport’s foremost page.

The discussion is triggered by the presence in the Big Brother house of Sam and Amanda Marchant, two girls of whom the Sport’s Deano’s World column opines: “Those big Brother twins. Nothing a high calibre machine gun wouldn’t fix.”

But surely this is shooting the messenger. The real issue might be what kind of man would date twins? It’s high time we had a moratorium on such things before someone gets hurt.

On with the debate.

And, typical of the sport, there is no hanging about, not even a handshake before Kerry and Jo Burton (“The Burton Twins”) say they have shared the same fella. “Half the time he doesn’t know he’s with the wrong twin” says Kerry, the elder by 15 minutes (she got the first appointment at Messers nip ‘n’ Tuck’s clinic).

Kirby and Fallon Patterson agree. “There’s been the odd time where a bloke has come over, grabbed my bum and tried to kiss me thinking I was Fallon,” says Kirby.

And Rea and Tonya French say they always play ticks on men. “If we are in a nightclub, we love to confuse them,” says Rea.

The answer is that twins will share the same mate. And to look out for Sam and Amanda Marchant wooing Ziggy and getting told to get lost not once but twice…

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