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Big Brother: You’re Never Alone With A Badger

by | 6th, June 2007

“BADGERS beat Big Brother,” says the Mail.

No shock there. Badgers have been a mainstay of the light entertainment industry in this country for years. Who can forget the fun we had with Ron Davies, the former Welsh secretary who went badger watching in a Somerset picnic area with a builder in 2003.

And so it that, as the Mail reports, more viewers tuned into BBC2’s Nightshift programme, featuring the nocturnal habits of badgers, than Big Brother.

Bryan Bland, of the RSPB, says: “We’re not surprised at all that the real lives of British wild animals are more fascinating than the unreal lives of caged housemates.”

Looking at the viewing figures – Big Brother on E4 on Monday at midnight: 90,000; Nightshift: 300,000 – one could argue that people prefer the wonders of sleep to either show.

But with badger watching there is the frisson of the unexpected that Big Brother no longer has.

We’ve seen the sex on big Brother, and after so much build up and hype it was a let down – a grope under the table with Michelle and Stu, a few milky bubbles with Anthony and Makosi, a wet patch with Jade.

The badgers offer us something new. And hark! There is action in the sett. Mr Badger is returned home. And he’s wearing size nine brogues. And he’s brought a friend to look at the, er, undergrowth.

And Bill Oddie is looking in…

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