Anorak News | Copper Wants £1.5million For Pineapple Abuse

Copper Wants £1.5million For Pineapple Abuse

by | 6th, June 2007

pineapple_head.jpgDON’T believe what the experts tell you – fruit isn’t always beneficial to your health. Just ask Tracey Ormsby.

The 36-year-old former police officer is demanding £1.5million in damages after she was hit in the chest with a pineapple.

The fruity attack happened back in 2001 at a protest over plans to close a Glasgow swimming pool.

Ormsby claims that she was pelted with a whole range of foodstuffs by the angry mob, including eggs and potatoes.

The ex-WPC takes up the harrowing story: “I felt a sharp blow to my chest and stumbled back. I’d been struck on the chest with a pineapple. I never saw it coming. I was instantly winded.”

As well as the pineapple attack, she also suffered kicks and punches as unhelpful senior officers refused to issue riot shields and banned officers from arresting the troublemakers.

In response to her allegations, Strathclyde Police are insisting that their response was “proper and proportionate”.

However, Ormsby, who left the force in 2004 on medical grounds, remains deeply upset and claims that she developed “a phobic reaction towards the police”.

Join the club. Pineapples on request…

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