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Laura Williams Is The Only Gay In The Big Brother Village

by | 7th, June 2007

laura-williams.jpgIN the Sun’s “Big Brother’s little PAPER” readers are met with the headline: “LAURA’S LESBO ROMP.”

Laura Williams is a lesbian? “Her breath stank of kebab says gal pal.”

Readers are introduced to Janine Shipston, 25. Last Christmas Janine announced that she was gay. She had left her husband Craig and the time was ripe to come out. What’s Christmas without a few surprises.

In response to his news, Laura is said to have flashed her Wangers. “It was hard for me to come out because I live in a traditional community and being a lesbian is frowned upon.”
Laura and Janine are naturally Welsh. And minds turn to the Little Britain character Daffyd (Janine) turning to Myfanwy (Laura) and confessing that he is now the only gay in the village.

And then Laura gets quite emotional. “She’d been drinking pints of lager … Then she lifted up her top and flashed her enormous boobs at me and winked.”

Later the pair, and Janine and Laura, went clubbing. On the way home, Laura purchased a kebab. She ate it. They arrived home. They kissed.

The sensation of saliva, curry sauce and flakes of horse meat intoxicated Janine and the pair ended up on the bed. “We both stripped off and had sex all night,” says Janine.

So Laura is a lesbian? And there might be the chance of more coupling in the house than Ziggy and Chanelle can supply? Or not. Janine says Laura is not strong enough to come out.

And who can blame her. Lesbians never win anything other than Olympic field sports. They never win reality TV shows. Gay men are in. Lesbians are not.

But if Laura can be the only gay man in the village, she has chance…

Laura is favourite to win. Place your free bets.

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