Anorak News | Peter Andre Finds His Rhythm And Jordan Breaks Crystal

Peter Andre Finds His Rhythm And Jordan Breaks Crystal

by | 7th, June 2007

jordan3.jpgKATIE Andre and her Jordans are in the midst of what the Star calls a “BIRTH CONTROL STORM”.

Kate, pregnant by pop acorn Peter Andre, tells New Woman magazine that she wants more children but for the next couple of years “he’ll have to pull out”.

A counsellor at the Brook charity, which gives sexual health advice for the under-25s, calls this a bad “example”. Jordan is making “dangerously ill-advised comments”. She is a “role model”.

Jordan is not a role mode, of course. Jordan is no more a role model than she is a Middle Eastern country. Jordan is a glamour model. And telling world how her current partner likes to shag her is part and parcel of her chosen career.

In any case, Jordan has the first child to deliver before Pete can get his rhythm.

This latest Jordan-Andre project is to be named Crystal. It’s going to be a girl. And Crystal just so happens to be the title of Jordan’s new book.

Says Katie in OK!: “For me the best bit is still to come – seeing her vagina.”

And with that we reach and pass over a taboo. Discussing a baby’s sexual organs is never the done thing beyond the paediatrician’s consulting rooms. But anything goes for Jordan, a woman whose primary sexual characteristics are often on display.

Katie: No, I mean when she’s born I’ll be like: ‘Show me the bits!’ Because that will prove it to me – at the moment I’m only used to willies!
Pete: I know that!
Katie: No! Not like that – I’m just not used to seeing them – I change the boys’ nappies and they’re both boys and so it’s going to be really different. I’ve never done a girl…
Peter: Oh yeah?
Katie: Oh God. I’m digging myself into hole.
Pete: No pun intended.

No pun taken…

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