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The Thought Police: Inner Racism Test For Job Seekers

by | 10th, June 2007

DIZZY writes:

Oh dear, if this report is correct, the Thought Police really are here. Apparently a new system that is designed to identify sub-conscious racism may be introduced for applicants to the public sector and large multinationals.

Candidates are asked to put images of black and white faces into categories of “good/positive” and “bad/negative” using arrow keys on the keyboard. By getting them to respond to prompts as quickly as possible, the test aims to side-step what is known as “cognitive control” – the brief, but significant time lapse needed to give an “acceptable” answer rather than an instinctive or “honest” one. The programme then automatically calculates a “response-index” that indicates a level of racial bias.

This is absurd, and, actually highlights the inherent contradiction in the whole “diversity” nonsense we have today. For if someone “fails” this test and thus does not get the job then that is, surely, discrimination too. What next? re-education centres for those that “fail”?

Frankly, if I ever have to do a test like this I would just hit the keyboard randomly in protest. Last time I did a psychometric for a job application I told the HR person that I would be answering the questions randomly.

I still got the job, and when I as told the “type” of person I was, I asked then to read out the other types I could’ve been. Guess what, it was a bit like reading out the Gemini horoscope to a Scorpio but not telling them you were reading the wrong one. They all equally applied.

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