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The Sopranos: The Return Of John Gotti And The New York Mob

by | 11th, June 2007

soprano.jpgTONY Soprano’s televised life of crime may have come to an end, but wise guys are still rubbing each other out on the streets of New York.

Last week, the son of a Gambino family mobster was injured in a drive-by shooting while sitting in his 1998 grey Cadillac Seville in Bensonhurst, a heavily Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn. Two days later, and about half a mile away, a Genovese family solder was found shot to death in his bed.

When the New York Times sent a reporter to investigate the resurgence of mob violence in Bensonhurst this weekend an elderly woman told the paper: “Ask me no questions, and I’ll tell you no lies.”

The first shooting was carried out in broad daylight against 56-year-old mobster Robert DeCicco. A bullet grazed his head and he was hit three times in the arm. But DeCicco, whose cousin was killed in a car bombing 20 years ago in retaliation for his part in a hit on a Gambino crime boss, managed to drag himself into a nearby chemist and call for help.

A local man told the New York Post the next day: “They didn’t do it right. Whoever did this, they’re in a lot of trouble now.”

Sure enough, two days later Rudolph “Rudy Cue Ball” Izzi, a 74-year-old loan shark, was found sprawled on his bed with a single bullet to the back of the head. Cops, think DeCicco may have borrowed money from Izzi to pay off heavy gambling debts and the hit was related to the loan. Either way, the outbreak of violence in a neighborhood that reported four murders in the whole of last year has cops worried.

As the NYPD tries to piece together events leading up to the two shootings, in the neighbouring borough of Queens the widow of legendary mob boss John Gotti was telling reporters that it was disgusting people were still obsessed with Gotti and the mob.

Standing by the grave of her husband on the fifth anniversary of his death from cancer, Victoria Gotti said: “They should be obsessed with that mob in Washington. They have 3,000 deaths on their hands.”

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