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Charley Uchea Says: I Am Big Brother’s Spice Girl

by | 11th, June 2007

CHARLEY was vacuuming. Someone should tell her that Wags don’t vacuum. But then, a little voice seem to have told Charley that if she doesn’t look at least a little humble the great unwashed will vote her out.

“Get Charley out!” has become the favourite cry of the mob as new housemates go in.
And Charley has heard it. Charley is the one we want out. She’s 11/10 with Betfair to go next.

And now Charley is cleaning the house.

From Champagne Charley to Charley’s Aunt, Charley aims to be all Charleys to all women, men and Ziggy. She has yet to do a Proper Charley and make a fool of herself.

But she is well–versed in Charley Says. And today Charley Says of Chanelle: “I can’t stand her and I don’t care who hates me for saying it.” Charley Says to Shabnam: “If youweren’t here and I wasn’t here, what conversations would they have? ‘Ooh Spice Girls, ooh Spice Girls!'”

She has a point. She might even be right. “I see it all, I’m always right,” says Charley.

At least with Charley in the house the conversation is on higher things, like religion, politics and why she can’t have her own packet of fags.

The shopping arrives. Tracey keeps a packet of smokes aside for Nicky. Charley Says: “Tracey, I know you’re trying to do her a favour but they’re my cigarettes as well. Everyone smoked my cigarettes and now I haven’t got any left. It’s getting on my nerves, man. Some people are so funny in here. Weirdos.”

No Charley and no chance of a row over anything. And the rows are what make the show. Right? So Charley stays.

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