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Madeleine McCann And Cash For Criminals

by | 12th, June 2007

AN interesting little twist on the Madeleine McCann story, via AGW in the Anorak Forums.

As the parents Kate and Gerry McCann were in Morocco, finally publicly following up early hints of a sighting there, one of the executives of the Find Madeleine Fund Trust, now standing at around £700,000, says the doctor parents are considering offering cash to criminals to find their daughter.

Another futile throw of the Press dice in another totally non-news day in the hunt for the little girl.

Madeleine’s uncle, John McCann, a Fund Trustee, said 40 days after her disappearance, they think cash may persuade criminals to turn in the four-year-old’s kidnapper. This whizzo suggestion comes only hours after police announced the Argentine lead asking for cash for the youngster’s return was a criminal hoax.

The Find Madeleine Fund has raised £700,000 with business and celebs backing a £2.5m. reward.

The Trustees, including Drs Gerry and Kate McCann, control how the fund’s cash is spent.

Uncle John, of Glasgow, says the Trustees would be reluctant to give the Fund’s money to crooks or paedophiles. But says the Trustees are actively considering paying for information.

Encouraging or What?

The police view on whether any of the Trustees is qualified to enter into direct dealings with the underworld is not revealed.

One version of the story is here:

The Daily Mirror’s reporters took a day trip out on the Madeliene Trail.
Again, it only took 40 days to plan.

Meanwhile, get ready for the eerie sight of Madeleine’s distinctive right eye in the O of the Google Search Engine logo. The McCann Machine has struck an agreement with the company and the altered logo should be use by June 22, 50 days after the disappearance.

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