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Ziggy and Chanelle Explore Big Brother’s Dark Places

by | 12th, June 2007

chanelle-hayes-ziggy.jpgIMPRISONED in the Big Brother house, Ziggy is faced with a choice.

He can spend his days bonding with the other lads. He can talk with Seány and wonder how the tetchy gay, gay hater came by Sue Pollard’s old clothes and kept his arms so close to his sides while leading the River Dance troupe.

He can talk about hair gel with Gerry.

He can whistle and see how long it takes for Charley’s hair to come to heel.

Or he can pull Chanelle.

It’s a non-contest. Just as it is on the Sport’s front page, which alongside a picture of a wandering hand and an offered backside asks: “Who’s that bum in the BB house?”
The bottom belongs, naturally enough, to Chanelle.

The same Chanelle who, as the Mirror reports, “ACTED OUT HER MUM’S MURDER.”
In front of her drama class peers, Chanelle asked: “Why did you leave us mum?” and “Why did you do that stuff?”

These are Chanelle’s dark places. As the Mirror notes, Chanelle’s mother, Andrea Sinclair, was a drug addict and prostitute murdered by one Keith Pollard.

This is the Star’s front-page headline making: “BB CHANELLE: MY DRUGS AND VICE HELL.”

Readers get to see a picture of a tanned Chanelle wearing a black bikini.

More pictures inside of Chanelle in her bikini. And a transcript of her telling Ziggy and Gerry: “I was born in a prison, because she [mother] got locked up for doing drugs, and then she got killed.”

And here’s Gerry picking up the phone and pretending to call Chanelle’s mum, saying: “She hasn’t slept with Ziggy…not yet anyway.”

And here’s Ziggy wondering if he should go and talk with Seány about those Feet of Flames…

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