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Save Shabnam From Big Brother Eviction

by | 13th, June 2007

WHAT can spare Shabnam eviction from the Big Brother house?

Shabnam looks doomed – Anorak’s Betfair market gives her a 90% chance of eviction tomorrow night.

Back her and take the easy money?


Or wonder what Shabnam can do to keep alive her dream of BB success. Shabnam craves fame. She wants to do well enough to secure her own OK! diary and become the face of adverts for premium rate phone lines?

But how? Last night she screamed as she entered the bedroom. “It’s alright to have a laugh, but people are trying to sleep,” said Timmy Mallette’s stylist Seány.

At which point Shabnam should have whipped off Seány’s duvet, as he had done to Lesley. Annoying Seány would go far in endearing Shabnam to the voters.

The other option is that her rivals for the chop, Tracey and Carole, will go before her.
There have been suggestions made that Carole will join Lesley on that sponsored walk.

But she won’t. If Carole gets it into her head that this is a campaign of some kind, the Londoner will very possibly never leave. At least not until there is soft toilet roll in Darfur and Elstree declared a nuclear free zone.

And then there is Tracey, whose jerky demeanour marks her out as being suggestible to mind games. “Who wants some?” whispers Shabnam into Tracey’s ear at night. “Rave tonight at Old McDonald’s pasture. Be there. ‘Ave it. Get sorted.”

There is time for Shabnam to save herself. But the clock is ticking. And the risk is that the north London girl will spend the hours between now and then applying her make-up…

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