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Big Brother Odds And Free Bet

by | 13th, June 2007

FROM Anorak’s man at Betfair:

With a fortnight elapsed in the BB house, it’s seemingly been a daily case of flip-flopping favourites. After being backed into 7.4 yesterday, the lowest price of any housemate so far, Tracey has now been pushed out to 9.4 in light of her surprise nomination.

Though highly unlikely to be voted out by the Great British public – she is currently 65 to be the 1st evicted – perhaps punters would be wise to acknowledge that there may be only so long the wacky androgynous raver can do without her fix of happy hardcore and glow sticks. With fellow nominee Carole at 16 to go, and yet to show her alleged Millie-Tant side, the bell appears to be tolling for the perennially short-circuiting Shabnam, who is a slender 1.1 to be voted out.


Replacing Tracey in pole position is newcomer Gerry, now into 8. Having pulled off a huge coup by bringing in both Dale Winton and Mick Hucknall, albeit poorly disguised with funny foreign accents, BB has provided the house with a double dose of the vital ingredient we have so far missed in this year’s wannabe pie.

Having got off to a shocker with his failed first night attempts as a prankster, Seany is slowly winning over fans (down to 25 from 40) and looks set to be this year’s court jester. But will the future be orange or simply red?

Elsewhere, the claws are out and the high heels are off as wagaholic Chanelle (2nd favourite at 8.8) and the ghetto fabulous Charley (hovering around the 95 mark) go head to head in a diva battle royale that could end up resembling Saturday night kicking out time on Tyneside.

Firmly in the caring arms of the soppy-faced Ziggy (currently 12.5), Chanelle has guaranteed herself not only a friend in the house but an audience with the BB viewers ever-willing to be gripped by a TV romance – this all clearly riling the attention-seeking Charley whose only friends appear to be Mr Lambert and Butler.

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