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Big Brother’s Walk Out: Shabnam To Win

by | 14th, June 2007

STILL time to bet on Shabnam remaining in the Big Brother compound.

With talk of a mass walk-out, there is reason to believe that one more outburst from Charley Itchea will cause Tracey, Nicky or Carole to walk out.

And Shabnam so wants to be famous. A friend tells us that the north Londoner produced a show reel. It cost her almost £1,000. This film of Shabnam interviewing a wannabe singer and ‘presenting’ from Leicester Square failed to do the job and no agent took her on.

But she carried on. Shabnam appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. She was fond lacking. A lack of skill in any of the performing arts is in itself no novelty among the celebrity clique and Shabnam carried on.

She showed us her dandruff on Channel Four’s Embarrassing Illnesses. Shabnam and her flaky scalp was a decent act, her best yet. But what if the condition cleared up? It’d be like loosing one part of a double act, Hale without Pace, Batman without Robin, Lindsay Lohan without rehab.

Undaunted, Shabnam reapplied the greasepaint, layering on another coat, then another, then topped it off with a light wood vanish.

In showbiz you need a thick skin to take the set-backs, and by our estimates Shabnam’s skin at a full inch deep.

Will she stay? She’s 390-1 to win the show. And you have a FREE £10 to spend with Betfair. Must be worth a couple of pounds…

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