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Lord Falconer’s Supreme Court At A Supreme Cost

by | 15th, June 2007

lord-falconer.jpgTHE Government’s plans to set up a new US-style Supreme Court is set to cost over £100million.

Lord Falconer has revealed that the bill for converting the Middlesex Guildhall into the new all-powerful court will top £63million; the cost of furnishing the new courts with top-grade furniture, a vast library and computer equipment will add an extra £20million on the cost.

Additionally, the lower courts, currently based in central London, will move to Isleworth in the west of the capital, at a further cost of over £18million.

The court, which will be the highest in the land, is due to open in 2009.

However, many critics, including Tory Shadow Constitutional Affairs Secretary Oliver Heald, are not happy. Says he: “The Supreme Court will consist of the same people as the current Law Lords. They will simply be sitting in a building less than 300 yards away.

This move will cost a staggering £100million in set-up costs and millions more in running costs. Lord Falconer has clearly learned nothing from his attempt to run the Millennium Dome.”

The Millennium Dome?

Are there to be jugglers, fire-eaters and acrobats performing in the new courts?
Knowing what we do about High-Court judges and what they like to get up to, there’ll no doubt be plenty of hired entertainment, fun and wonderment for one and all at their new home.

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