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Big Brother (Free Bet) Odds: Charley Uchea To Go

by | 17th, June 2007

CHARLEY has to go next. Nicky Maxwell is telling Billi Bhattia and Brian Belo how the South London starts fights “for no reason [other than that] she is bored”. Nicky is “sick” of her behaviour in the house.

Billi suggests Charley might be doing it to give the viewers “something good to watch”.

Says Nicky: “In this environment, it’s not fair for 14 other people just to put up and shut up.”

So, if given the chance to nominate (and most of the housemates have not had a go yet) Nicky will vote for Charley. So will Laura, who Charley called the “most two-faced person in the house”. Chanelle will vote for her. And Charley will be up for eviction.

And the audience at home loathe her. So she will go.

Get in early before the vote and take Charley to be the next out at 2-1.

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