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Roger Tullgren Is Addicted To Rock

by | 21st, June 2007

EXPECT screams of “it’s political correctness gone mad” to erupt from the darkest recesses of middle England as news of Roger Tullgren and his apparent disability spreads throughout the country.

The 42-year-old’s addiction to heavy metal music has been categorised as a disability by doctors in Sweden, meaning that the middle-aged rocker will pocket £65 a week from the state top up his job as a restaurant dishwasher.

Rocking Roger has campaigned for a decade to have his metal addiction properly recognised by the painfully understanding Swedish state. And following the ruling, even his boss is letting him play his ear-splitting music at work while also giving him time off to go to concerts.

A delighted Tullgren says: “Some might say I should grow up and learn to listen to other types of music”, missing the point somewhat. “Heavy metal is my lifestyle,” he continues. “The fact that I am into music so much has affected my work situation to the extent that I have had to quit some jobs.”

The Swedish Unemployment Service apparently only intervened after occupational psychologists performed extensive tests before classifying him “disabled”.

Does that mean he can enter the Special Olympics or use a disabled parking space? For those of you about to play the system on, we salute you…

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