Anorak News | Why Knight Salman Rushdie And Not Bernard Manning?

Why Knight Salman Rushdie And Not Bernard Manning?

by | 22nd, June 2007

SHOCKED at how seriously the Islamists take the British honours system. Over here, we really aren’t that bothered. Mick Hume writes:

But if they must have knighthoods, many are asking: why choose Rushdie? Margaret Beckett says it is for “a lifelong body of literary work”. Far be it from me to question the Foreign Secretary’s expertise, but there would seem plenty of candidates on that ground. What about “Sir” Alan Sillitoe, still angry, writing and smoking after 50 years?

No, it looks like a political stunt to make a point against Rushdie’s enemies about free speech. In which case, why knight him and not Bernard Manning?

And no fatwa needed – Manning’s already dead…

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