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Punter Ross Hemsworth Bets On Existence Of The Afterlife

by | 22nd, June 2007

glue.jpgYOU have to hand it to paranormal investigator Ross Hemsworth. While most people will put a few quid on the horse or bet on who’ll get to shag first in Big Brother, Hemsworth has aimed rather higher, placing a £100 wager on the existence of the afterlife.

Interestingly, he got quite generous odds of 10,000/1 and now the 49-year-old claims to be on the verge of winning the £1million bet.

Says Hemsworth: “There is something out there trying to make contact. With the evidence we have got we are not a million miles away from proving it. The whole point of the project is to prove that there is something there.”

However, if Hemsworth is to pocket his winnings, bookmakers William Hill will have to receive and verify the evidence before the end of the year.

Graham Sharpe of the bookmakers opines: “We are used to taking bets on matters as bizarre as the existence of the Loch Ness Monster; whether Elvis Presley is still alive and when UFOs may land, even on whether ghosts exist. But this is the first time we have ever taken a bet that conclusive proof of the existence of the after-life will be forthcoming.”

I think I’ll stick to big Brother. So should you. Click here for details…

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