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Big Brother Danielle Lloyd Plays The Goat

by | 25th, June 2007

danielle-lloyd.jpgDANIELLE Lloyd has conquered Hollywood and now she’s in Norfolk, making ready to show the Taliban that her weapons of mass distraction are loaded and primed for a full-frontal attack.

Danny is with the Coldstream Guards in Thetford.

Having split from her latest footballer, Dani is looking to concentrate on her career as an Army mascot. The ceremonial goat may have bigger udders, but Dani plans to give the boys a bigger horn.

“It is amazing to think that these lads will soon be on the frontline with people trying to kill them,” says Dani, dressed in a khaki vest.

The boys should put in for a transfer and get their agent to negotiate a better boot deal.

Danielle has asked that she gets to see the boys, “her boys”, in Afghanistan.

We urge them to accept the offer.

Afghani football and the players could do with boost. The team is currently the 186th best in the world, above the mighty Somalia but below the Vanuatu infidels and the godless Cayman Islands.

Danielle might just be the fillip the team has been looking for…

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