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Big Brother’s Seány O’Kane Pretends To Be Gay

by | 25th, June 2007

big-brother-gay-kiss.jpg“SEÁNY IS A FAKEY,” says the Star’s front-page headline.

Seány is Big Brother reject Seány O’Kane. And news is that he’s not in the least bit gay. His dad says it was all an act.

“My son’s not gay, it was all a game plan,” says Sean O’Kane, a name that suggest why Seány (with a Y) finds it so hard to be his own man.

Says Sean: “I know he kissed Gerry but he is no gay. He was doing it for the cameras.”

Of course, there is a chance that dad Sean is in denial, that he cannot face up to the painful truth that Irishman Seány’s sickness/perversion/wickedness is against the teachings of the Church.

But we have seen Seány in action. And there is reason to believe he would try whatever it takes if he thinks it will make him look more interesting and edgy.

But Seány is gay. “I spoke to my father on the phone within hours of coming out of the house,” says he. “It was a very emotional call. I told him it was true I was gay and he said he was proud of me.”

Aye. A gay man in the house. And one who like Michael Jackson and was once a Muslim and has dabbled with heterosexuality.

“I would have liked it if he had some home with Chanelle under his arm,” says dad Sean, perhaps picturing Chanelle trussed up in a carpet ready to be rolled out at his feet.

But Seány came home alone. The one man ethnic quota is the person viewers wanted out of the house. There is only so much of the black, gay, Kylie-loving, French, adopted, lesbian, OAP Scientologist we can stand…

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