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Prince William And Kate Middleton Strike A Cord

by | 25th, June 2007

prince_william-kate-middleton.jpgSINCE Prince William departed the scene, Kate Middleton has been seen out with a succession of eligible needlecords.

The Mirror mentions Charles Morshead and Henry Ropner, who, perhaps in fear of appearing unpatriotic and reducing a chance of knighthood, claim to be only friends of Kate.

But, as a source tells the paper: “Even if they were just pals, it was difficult for William seeing Kate out, letting her hair down on the arms of other men. He increasingly began to realise how much he missed her company.”

Not to mention the sex. It’s all very well being the most eligible man in the land but finding a girl who won’t kiss and tell all is no easy thing. Do they like William or his baseball cap? Kate is safe and easy to pull on, like an old pair of cords.

So here’s William taking Kate to an Army do. They are on the dance floor. They are kissing. And now they are disappearing to William’s quarters.

“WILLS BEGS KATE TO GIVE IT ANOTHER GO,” says the Star. Yes, “begs”, like he’s desperate.

He can be better. He will try harder. It happens to all young princes, what with the stress and all.

So the fires of the great romance has been rekindled. “Wills and Kate together again,” says the Express

Satisfaction for one and all…

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