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Brown Nose Day: Tony Blair Goes, Cherie Misses And Dr Who’s Happy Claps

by | 28th, June 2007

tony_blair_leaves.jpg TONY Blair went. He looked sad to be leaving.

And for a second even his enemies, wary of a man who wears his religion on his sleeve, whose shining eyes look not enough unlike the evangelical Christians walking in time around Old Jerusalem, saw his humanity. (Pic: Beau Bo ‘Or)

Not Missing You

And then Cherie Blair strode out of No. 10 in a magenta raincoat, an outfit that seemed to make a statement (“I have no taste and sense of style”). She turned to the media and said: “Goodbye. I don’t think we’ll miss you.” (Add no grace and dignity to the list.)

And no-one shouted anything back. No one screamed “See yer, Nancy”, is memory of Nancy Dell’Olio, the last women to wear such an eye-scorching outfit by the doors of Number 10. No-one said anything.

It was a day when no-one said anything much at all, aside from Gordon Brown who delivered the longest sound-bite in history.

“Let the work of change begin,” says the Mirror’s front page headline in Biblical tones. Gordon Brown is seen standing by the doors of Number 10. (For those of you who watched his performance, Brown is now believed to have worked out the mechanics of the portal to power and gained entry.)


Gordon Brown is the “CHANGING MAN”. He’s like Dr Who, the BBC television star who never dies but just alters his appearance. Tony goes and then Gordon arrives. Gordon was Tony’s number two for years. As the Anorak newspaper vendor opined this morning: “He’s like Steve McClaren to Tony’s Sven.”

gordon-brown-scotland_.pngThe Mirror sees the comings and goings. The Express offers a less hearty “GORD HELP US NOW”. The Mail says: “BYE, TONY. MISSING YOU ALREADY…” Although it’s unclear if the words are sarcastic and meant to be uttered by Gordon or from the heart and said by the British peoples. (Pic: Hack)

The suggestion is that the Mail will not be championing Brown. It quotes Rose Gentle, whose son Gordon was killed in the Iraq: “When he brought his sons out and cuddled them that made me feel sick. My son died three years ago tomorrow and that is the man that sent him to be killed in an illegal war.”

A Joke

But they’re cheering in the Commons. Aside from the Unionists, all Members are on their feet. They are happy. They are clappy.

Tony has pulled out a piece of paper he says: “The following communication came across by urgent letter yesterday.” He reads: “Details of employee leaving work: Surname – Blair. First name – T!” He adds: “It says actually, Mr, Mrs, Ms or Other.” He pauses: “This form is important. Take good care of it. P45.”

And he’s heading to the door. And the Star above all others gages the mood: “FREE Blair sick bag INSIDE.” And: “Tony out, Gordon in, blah, blah, blah whatever.”

The Mail has 12 pages. The Express has seven pages. The Mirror has nine pages. The Star has two. And it can all be summed up in one inspired headline: “IT’S BROWN NOSE DAY.”

Ah, the smell of success…

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