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Nesta Roberts Is 341 Years Old: Fact

by | 28th, June 2007

nesta.jpgYOU wouldn’t think to look at her that Nesta Roberts was 341 years old. But that’s exactly what age her bank said she was and as we all know, banks are never wrong.

The 71-year-old spent half an hour trying to activate her new credit card by keying in her details over the phone. But still she couldn’t get the card up and running.

Eventually, Roberts asked bank staff to check her details and they eventually found that the year of her birth was down as 1666, the year of the Great Fire of London. She may be an OAP, but she’s not quite that old.

Roberts says: “I was put through to a supervisor and explained the recorded message kept telling me my details were incorrect. It was suggested I must have made an error. But I said that as far as I was aware, my date of birth had been the same for as long as I could remember.”

The poor woman was forced to pay her branch manager a visit, who jokes: “How is William Shakespeare?” which is a rubbish joke and explains why he or she is a bank branch manager and not a successful stand-up comic.

Oh, and Shakespeare died in 1616 anyway, even if ‘our records’ say otherwise…

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