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The Great Prison Pay-Off: Prisoners Paid To Be Free

by | 29th, June 2007

HOW does the Government deal with the prison overcrowding problem? How else but by simply letting some of the lags out?

This means less people in prison, see. It’s genius. And what do the prematurely freed prisoners get for their trouble? A big wad of cash in their back pockets, that’s what.

With the first 2,000 prisoners set to enjoy an early release today, each will enjoy a cash payout of up to £173 to compensate the poor souls for losing their free bad and board as they can’t receive benefits.

They will also receive the normal discharge grant of £46. And maybe a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates.

Paul Cavadino of penal reform group, Nacro, explains: “The scheme is the only immediately available way of relieving the prison population crisis. ‘Because it involves supervision, the scheme should reduce these prisoners’ chances of reoffending.”

Why put them in jail in the first place, then?

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