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It Was All About Me And Charley Says Big Brother’s Emily Parr

by | 3rd, July 2007

emily-charley.jpg“CHARLEY WILL WIN BIG BROTHER.”

So says the Star’s front page, words taken from the mouth of Emily Parr.

How glad we were to see the back of Emily when she called Charley a “nigger”. And how glad the Star is to see the back of Emily once more as she wraps her “booty” in a pair of black knickers and pushes it out.

And what is more Emily will reveal more. No, not her “skin” but the “truth about Big Brother plot”.

Emily is a typically solipsistic housemate. She is the victim of the show’s “biggest ever plot fix”. Emily says the show is being fixed to ensure Charley Uchea wins.

Inside the paper and Emily is turned around to give us frontal view of her bra and knickers.

“There were five birthdays in June in the house, but Charley had the most massive birthday party, it’s definitely BB fixing how people are seen,” says Emily. “They only gave the twins a pretend party with slop. They have their favourites, put it that way Charley is definitely it.”

But it could have been Emily. As she tells us: “They told my mum they didn’t use a lot of footage of me in the first week because they planned to bring my character out later, then people would want to see more and more of me.”

But then Emily called Charley a nigger and we had seen enough. Although Emily would like to show us more…

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