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Noah Labour: Tonybee Writes

by | 3rd, July 2007

READ this and try not to weep – it’ll only make things worse.

Polly Tonybee begins her piece on flooding in the North of England: “The rain still pours down like Noah’s flood.”

And leads on to this:

London is the only really well-defended part of Britain, where the Thames barrier is built to withstand everything below a once in 2000-year freak flood. London’s value to the nation was always the prime priority. But it will take disasters happening in rich cities before the reality of climate change forces opinion-makers to put it at the top of the world’s agenda. Hollywood films about New York under water are scary entertainment: when the real thing happens in black New Orleans, nothing changes.

When London floods we will do something about climate change? All we hear about is climate change. It’s God’s will. (Read the Church’s view on it here.) It’s our doing.

As Mick Hume writes: “The path to the moral high ground is apparently monopolised by those leaving smaller carbon footprints.” Unless we do something there will be Biblical floods. More Biblical floods.

Happily, there’ a Live Earth concert at the weekend. In Wembley…on sea…

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