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Not Tonight Geri: Buying Napoleon, Halliwell And Hemingway

by | 4th, July 2007

HE may have craved global domination, he may have had an enormous ego, he may even have been rather short, but when it came to the ladies, Napoleon Bonaparte knew how to speak the language of love.

According to the BBC, a love letter from the infamous Gallic leader to his then future wife, Josephine, has fetched £276,000 at an auction in London.

The letter is thought to be one of only three sent to Josephine by the sizeable French emperor and contains an apology by the pocket-sized military genius after an argument he had with his lover.

“I send you three kisses – one on your heart, one on your mouth and one on your eyes”, says the letter, with words that will no doubt now be copied by teenage boys across the world desperate to impress their girlfriends and invade Russia.

The letter had originally been valued at £50,000, but ended up fetching five times that price.

Other missives by famous people sold at the auction include letters from Sir Isaac Newton, Queen Elisabeth I, Ernest Hemingway and a message to Jim’ll Fix It from a young Geri Halliwell.

Dear Jim, will you fix it for me to… Tells us what you think Geri asked for…

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