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Kelvin MacKenzie On Car Bombers Taking The Piss

by | 5th, July 2007

hosing-glasgow-bomber.jpg “I LOVE the smell of burning terrorist in the morning,” says Kelvin MacKenzie in the Sun.

“I couldn’t understand for the life of me why that rather decent chap at Glasgow Airport bothered to try to put out the flames of the terrorist who was roasting nicely.”

Mackenzie, who when editor of the Sun sanctioned the headline “GOTCHA!” as the General Belgrano went down with 323 Argentine sailors in the Falkands War. In rich tabloidese, Mackenzie would not have pissed on the terrorists had he seen them on fire.

“Dr Khalid wanted to meet Allah,” says MacKenzie. “And I wanted him to go as well.”

Many will nod to MacKenzie’s words.

These jihadists profess to be spurned to commit mass murder by action in the Middle East, Chechnya, Guantanamo Bay and whatever other stock reasons they can trot out but they care only for themselves.

What world do they leave behind after incinerating nightclub goers and holidaymakers? A better one? Not a better one for their fellow Muslims. Not a more open one. They just destroy a world they want no part of?

The man with the hose put Dr Khalid out is because he supports society and takes no delight in watching a man burn to death before his eyes. He is not a nihilist, a jihadist, an Islamicist with a hatred for society.

The bombers targeted an airport and a night club, places where Britons go for fun and holiday. Dr Khalid does not like fun. He does not care for budget flights to the sun.

He cares for himself only.

Caption the picture. (There might be a prize for the best one.)

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