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Big Brother Interview: Laura Moves Her Lips

by | 7th, July 2007

Fourth evictee Laura left the House wearing her leopard-print dressing gown and a big smile. She swiftly joined Davina for a candid chinwag…

Davina: Now that you’re out, how does it feel?

Laura: It’s better. It’s absolutely even better.

D: You really haven’t been enjoying it?

L: I thought I’d just plod along until someone nominated me so… thanks.

D: Up until this week Carole was the only person that had nominated you. You’re telling me that this week you did a tactic to get nominated?

L: Sort of.

[They watch footage of Laura lounging around the Big Brother House]

D: Not a great, show-winning tactic.

L: I know but…

D: But you’re funny!

L: I know…

D: You gave up. Now listen, there was another side to you, a straight-talking side. That’s probably the reason you’re sat here today. Is that the real you?

L: Uhm…

D: Say there was an argument happening, you’d go in and stir things up.

L: Well I had to do that.

D: Let’s talk Chanelle and Ziggy. Is it real?

L: Erm. Let me think. No.

D: Who was your favourite housemate?

L: Seány.

D: Do you fancy Liam?

L: No.

D: You sat on his back and wiggled!

L: No. Honestly.

D: Who do you want to win?

L: Liam. No, Charley!

D: How do you reckon a foxy new housemate will be received?

Laura gasps…

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