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Charley Uchea On Big Brother Niggers And White Trash

by | 9th, July 2007

charley1.jpgCHARLEY Uchea has the Big Brother staff where she wants them.

Cowed and beaten, they refuse to evict her. Charley wants to stay in the house and Endemol wants what Charley wants.

This week there will be an eviction. Instead, viewers will vote for which housemate they want out and then see them parachuted back in.

This is challenging TV, says Big Brother. This is TV for the challenged, say viewers. You spend money getting one of them out and then watch that housemate go back in. And your money spent on the phone call goes where?

This is billed as a clever ploy to stir things up. The evicted housemate will be shown who voted for them. They will become embroiled in rage. But Samanda doesn’t do rage, nor do Tracey, Liam, Brian, Ziggy or Carole. Nicky grumbles loudly. Chanelle whines. But they don’t really rage. Only one housemate goes berserk. Only one housemate finds confrontation normal: Charley.

So you vote Charley out. And in again. “Next week it has to be her,” says Gerry, which is surely discussing nominations.

Which means he should be banned from nominating. Like Charley, who in revealing her meeting with a Chelsea footballer, says: “Easy nigger.”

Yes Chanel 4, Charley used the N-word as a black woman to refer to another black person. Big Brother called her to the Diary Room to remind her that this word could cause offence.”

But, apparently, not if you are black and the person calling you a nigger is of the same skin tones. “We judged her use of the term different from Emily’s.”

Which makes us wonder why Jermaine Jackson was not judged for calling the Goody clan “white trash” in the last Celebrity Big Brother? (“I did not call Jade Goody white trash. The white trash statement came from Dirk Benedict,” said Jackson’s statement, although we heard him say it.)

One possible answer could be that Big Brother makes it up as it goes along. And so long as Charley stays in, anything goes…

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