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Anorak In LA: The Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart

by | 9th, July 2007

TABLOID Baby writes from LA:


We took a field trip to Culver City this evening to visit one of the dozen 7-11 convenience stores that have been transformed into Kwik-E-Marts to promote The Simpsons Movie. We’d thought the only time we’d wait on line at a 7-11 would be during a beer rationing, and in fact there were grumbles in the crowd when they realized the products that were Simpsonized didn’t include Duff.

The Buzz Cola was sold out. So were the KrustyOs and Chutney Squishees and Simpson family member bobble head dolls– there were lots of Mr. Burns and Apu bobbles left– so pink donuts were the souvenirs of choice. And through it all, the Indian staff wearing Apu-style uniforms didn’t appear to be insulted at all by the ethnic stereotyping or celebration of bad service, but seemed to be having a blast.

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