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3am With Paris Hilton

by | 10th, July 2007

paris.jpgPARIS Hilton is on a night out with the Mirror’s 3AM Girls, so called because they are three in number and 3am is when the Wags, wannabes and wasters stumble out of Chinawhites into the arms of the waiting paparazzi.

“I’m so happy to be out and back with my friends,” says Paris. “I feel amazing.”

Resisting all urge to cop a feel and see if Paris does feel “amazing” or slightly clammy and waxy, as she appears, the girls head off.

First stop is LA’s “exclusive” Arena nightclub. Paris drinks vodka. Paris shows everyone her knickers. Paris smokes a cigarette.

The DJ plays Toxic by Britney Spears. Paris dances on a chair.

(Note: dancing on a chair or on its relative the table is exactly what you do when you can’t dance. With limited space the chair offers an explanation as to why your feet are hardly moving. The night before Paris had “danced seductively against a wall”.)

A waiter “whispers”: “We were all saying it won’t be long before she was back to her old self but even we’re surprised it’s been so soon. Nothing’s gonna stop her – not even jail.”

“Eh?” says 3AM girl Caroline. “The music’s too loud. I’ll have cran-berry juice and some chips? And any dirt you want to serve up.”

At 1:3am, mad party animal Paris leaves the club and goes to a friend’s house.

There is no suggestion the 3AM girls go too. It is not yet 3am…

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