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Four Nothing: Why 21/7 Bombers Failed

by | 10th, July 2007

terrorists385_186310a.jpgFOUR refugees are guilty of trying to bomb the London Underground and the No. 26 bus

Muktar Said Ibrahim, Ramzi Mohammed, Yassin Omar and Hussain Osman wanted to kill and maim indiscriminately. They failed because Ibrahim made one error in producing the hydrogen peroxide explosives.

All four are now facing life sentences. “TO THINK WE GAVE THEM SANCTUARY,” says the Mail’s front-page headline. They came from Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Blasted Fools

“MORON TERROR,” says the Sun. The words a comment on Ibrahim, the ringleader. He’s a “Dunce”. He’s “simple-minded”. He’s “buck-toothed”.

The picture shows Ibrahim to be overweight, dull of eye and unable to breathe with his mouth closed. If he wasn’t an Islamist he’d be drinking alcopops in the precinct and moving his lips as he read the Daily Star in the park. He was the one who made the bombs that failed.

Of course, Ibrahim might be what passes for a brain surgeon in Islamist circles. Last week we saw how tricky jihad is when two car bombs in London failed to detonate. The alleged mastermind of that plot was a brain surgeon. Perhaps the nihilists will have more luck if they turn to rocket science? It’s not like they care where the things come done. As the great Nazi rocketeer put it: “’Once the rockets are up, who cares where they come down That’s not my department,’ says Wernher von Braun.”

More on the “Blasted fools” (Sun) in the Mail, where readers see the 14-year-old Ibrahim settle in a council house in Stanmore, north London. He is obsessed by sex with blonde women. He smokes cannabis. He indecently assaults a 15-year-old girl. He fails his maths GCSE. He miscalculates the ingredients for the 21/7 bombs.

The Victims

Ibrahim’s bombs fail to blow up Nadia Baro, 26, and her baby Marc. In the Mirror’s front-page story (“They tried to blow up my baby”), readers hear from one intended victim.

Nadia is on the train when Mohammed strikes. “He turned his back to me, intentionally directing the bomb towards Marc,” says she. “Then he detonated his rucksack. It was as if he was aiming the bomb at us.”

She goes on: “As I was pulled to safety I stared Mohammed directly in the eye. His face had a bizarre look of surprise on it.”

With Ibrahim as the ringleader, such an expression may be Mohammed’s customary and unchangeable look. “CHEMICAL WALLY,” says the Mirror’s headline.

It was an expression witnessed by Angus Campbell. He is on the same train. There is big bang. Mohammed’s bomb fails to detonate. And Campbell holds him for two minutes. Brave is a word bandied about in the tabloid press. But this is brave.

The carriage is full of smoke. It is two weeks after the 7/7 bombs have killed 52 people and injured many more.

Campbell shouts at Mohammed: “What’s that? What the fucking hell is that? You tell me know hat the fuck that is?
Mohammed: “This is flour, this is fucking flour… hah, hah
The driver comes on the speaker
Campbell: Keep the doors shut

An inadequate drop out and drifter. A fireman. And more panic on the Tube triggered by sad, dislocated men who can’t get enough sex and can’t think of anything to do other then die and kill…

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