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Al-Qaeda: New Tape From Ayman al-Zawahiri On Salman Rushdie

by | 10th, July 2007

BIN Laden is not dead. He’s just between jihads. So we get this from an old man in a cave. Ayman al-Zawahri’s 20 minute speech is entitled “Malicious Britain and its Indian Slaves“:

Osama Bin Laden’s deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has threatened to retaliate against Britain for giving a knighthood to novelist Salman Rushdie.

In a 20-minute audiotape, the al-Qaeda leader said the group was preparing a “very precise response”.

The recording was posted on a website often used by Islamic militants.

Sir Salman’s book The Satanic Verses sparked protests by Muslims around the world and led to Iran issuing a fatwa in 1989, ordering his execution.

Addressing UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Zawahiri said: “I say to Blair’s successor that the policy of your predecessor drew catastrophes in Afghanistan and Iraq and even in the centre of London.”

The UK said the knighthood was not intended as an insult to Islam
In the speech, entitled Malicious Britain and its Indian Slaves, Zawahiri was quoted as warning Mr Brown: “If you did not learn the lesson then we are ready to repeat it, God willing, until we are sure you have fully understood.”

Who knew the nutcases had so much truck with the British awards system. Will Al-Zawahiri feel better if he were given a CBE? Or a Blue Peter badge?

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