Anorak News | Chris Benoit: Wrestling. Murder. Suicide.

Chris Benoit: Wrestling. Murder. Suicide.

by | 12th, July 2007


The case of Chris Benoit sounds like the working title for a new computer game. “WHY CHRIS BENOIT SNAPPED,” says the Enquirer’s front page, “…then killed wife, son and self.”

And reads like the plotline for a daytime TV drama.

Before we go on, let us say this is real life. Not too long ago, Mr McMahon, chairman of the wrestling board, lost a bet with Donald Trump (he had his head shaved) and was blown up in his limousine by shadowy forces, a crime caught on camera.

Benoit’s case is no less genuine.

The Enquirer says the investigation into the crime “rips the lid off Benoit’s secret life”, something that might have occurred when his body and that of his seven-year-old son and wife were fond in the family domicile.

But the Enquirer is on it. It talks of his “steroid-ravaged body, sputtering career, stormy marriage and mentally challenged son”.

We do not wish to dwell on the horrors that occurred in Benoit ‘s Montreal home. We leave that to the Enquirer, which stops just seeing Benoit bounce off the ropes and deliver an atomic bomb back body drop into wife Nancy, a former WWE corner girl, before grabbing the emcee’s microphone and declaring war on Iran.

Readers learn of “roid rage”, the condition in which anabolic steroid users get increasingly upset at having a head narrower then their neck.

And how this is a “horrible event that’s happened”…

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