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Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama And God

by | 14th, July 2007

clinton-obama.jpgGAWD bless ’em:

Are you there, God? It’s me, Hillary: Time magazine this week ran a story explaining how the three leading Democratic presidential candidates—Clinton, Obama, and Edwards—are all rather outspoken about their religion. Metaphysics have been of greater service to some than to others, but all this liberal God talk has got Christians in cyberspace either doubtful of the candidates’ sincerity or pissed at their cynical manipulation of faith-based politics.

The snark precedeth the piety: “Of course, these voters think George W. Bush’s religious beliefs are twice as strong as any of these other nuts,” writes Pareene at Wonkette, “and now everyone hates him, so Hillary’s dismal showing (75% of voters think she is the antichrist) should be a good sign! Especially now that the two candidates considered to be the most religious are a crazy magic pajama-wearing Mormon and a Secret Closet Muslim, which is a sure sign of the end times.”


Voters polled by Time have all decided that Barack Obama is the most god-fearin’ god-lover running for President. After Mitt Romney (voters know he is very devout about his crazy nonsense that they hate and distrust), Obama is considered the most sincerely idiotic candidate with 24% of respondents calling him “strongly religious.” Even Republican votes think he’s closer to Yahweh than WALNUTS, Rudy, and Newt.

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