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Big Brother Jade Goody’s Class War

by | 16th, July 2007

jade-india.jpgJADE Goody is stood at the school gates.

She is not passing kebabs and vials of curry cause though the railings. She is not counting the number of “Shilpas” coming. She is not “looking after” dinner money.

Jade is looking over £2,350-a-term Oaklands School, Loughton, Essex.

Home education is not Jade’s thing and she has decided to send her eldest son, Bobby ‘Tikka’ Jack, to school.

Bobby’s first days at the desk will, as the Sun reports, feature in a magazine article.

If they let him in. “There is a backlash against the head’s decision to offer Bobby Jack a place for September,” says a source known only as “mum”.

“Parents have seen her and asked her to reconsider because they think Jade Goody will lower the tone and spell trouble.” Or Trubal.

“One mum has threatened to pull her child out and others are talking about a petition – feelings are running high.”

Another mum adds: “Oaklands is a discreet school and parents don’t like the thought that their kids will be forced to appear in a magazine next to Jade’s.”

Says Jade: “It’s ridic’ous if dees peepal fink my profile az un Essex gurl moight tarnish de skool – Dey’re frum Essex too.”

Jade is from Bermondsey, South London. She moved to Essex to better herself. And we’d suggest it is not her locale that troubles minds but her attitude towards those of colour.

Anorak cannot overlook the chilling possibility that on returning to school, having holidayed in sunny foreign climes, some children may appear Indian. What then the chance that young Armani Four-Be-Four will be met with the call “Oi Poppadom!” and find herself embraced by little Booby Goody and smiling for the cameras as Jade speaks of educating the poor Indians so they can better themselves.

“I have a good relationship with the head,” says Jade with no hint of irony.

“We have an equal opportunities admissions policy,” says the head, Pat Simmons. Indeed they do. Brown, black, white or tandoori-orange a private school will accept anyone so long as they’re money is good.

It is the mark by which standards are maintained…

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