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The Silver Ring Thing Courts Lydia Playfoot

by | 17th, July 2007

lydiaplayfoot.jpgPERVERTS, suicide-minded Islamists and the sexually pure can tell you’re a virgin by checking out your “purity ring”.

Good to remain chaste and virginal. If that’s what you want to do. Others are into bondage, promiscuity and Margaret Beckett. You are into virginity. Ours is a tolerant society. Live and let live.

Member of the Silver Ring Thing are fine by us. As the group’s website teaches: “It is specially designed to train young people using DVD clips, group discussion and bible studies to communicate the risks associated with teen sexual activity, social pressures and the blessings of sexual abstinence.”

There are dangers is yielding to social pressure. Join the society of Silver Ring Thing and find out more.

And here is one girl who did join. She’s 16-year-old Lydia Playfoot (even her name stops short of full sex).

Lydia wears a purity ring. Her school, the Millais School, Horsham, West Sussex (start rubbing that ring, kids) says the ring is in breach of health and safety guidelines. Lydia believes is deciding things for herself and in freedom of choice.

Lydia’s dad Phil is programme director at the UK branch of Silver Ring Thing and her mother, Heather, the company secretary.

So Lydia takes her school to the High Court. She says her Ring Thing (no sniggering, kids) is a symbol of her Christian faith. But she loses.

And she tells us in a statement picked up in the Express that the ruling “will mean that slowly people such a school governors, employers, political organisations and others will be allowed to stop Christian from expressing and practising their faith”.

Miss Playfoot goes on: “The wearing of the ring was, to me, a demonstration of my Christian faith and values, which are based on the Bible, which clearly teaches that sex outside marriage is wrong and therefore not God’s best for us.”

She could wear a cross. But Miss Playfoot (get it out your system) wants to wear a ring. A cross says she is a Christian. A Silver Ring Thing says she is a virgin and waiting for Mr Right and, vitally, Mr Right’s penis.

This is God’s will. Just as it is God’s will that High Court judge Michael Superstone rules against the campaigner and says: “The school was fully justified in acting as it did.”

Which is bad news for Lydia, who must return home to talk with her mum and dad about not having sex and wonder what to do next…

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