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Iranian Game Promotes Sacrifice, Martyrdom: Assault On Iran

by | 18th, July 2007

nukegame.jpgTHE war will not be televised – it will be video gamed by a bunch of spott, sweaty-palmed adolescents in their bedrooms.

Iran releases its new video “Rescue the Nuke Scientist” today in response to a game “Assault on Iran” released last year in the US.

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- An Iranian student group has unveiled a new video game that simulates an attempt to rescue two Iranian nuclear experts kidnapped by the US military and held in Iraq and Israel.

The “Rescue the Nuke Scientist” video game, designed by the Union of Students Islamic Association, was described by its creators as a response to a US-based company’s “Assault on Iran” game, which depicts an American attack on an Iranian nuclear facility.

“This is our defense against the enemy’s cultural onslaught,” Mohammad Taqi Fakhrian, a leader of the student group, told reporters on Monday.

Players of the game play the part of a special agent battling to release captured Iranian diplomats and nuclear scientists from the clutches of his US and Israeli foes.

“In this game we are not promoting terrorism and violence. By freeing Iranian hostages we are promoting selflessness, devotion and defense of our country,” said Fakhrian.

The eight-level game starts in Iraq, where a young married couple who are Iranian nuclear scientists have been captured by US forces while making a pilgrimage to the Shiite holy shrine in Karbala.

Then the Iranian special operations officer Bahman Nasseri enters, whose mission it is to save the couple, named Saeed and Maryam, who have now been spirited away to a prison in Iran’s arch-foe Israel.

He slips into Israel and locates their prison.

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