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Big Brother Thinks Charley Looks A Million (Lira)

by | 19th, July 2007

big-brother-ziggy.jpgBIG Brother: “They’ll have to bitch, bonk and backstab their way to the money.”

To less enlightened minds this sounds not unlike prostitution. It is not. It is entertainment. It is Big Brother. And, as the Star reports on its front page, £1million is lying prone on the table.

But not this table. Not the table marked “dinner”. Big Brother will be on our screens until 2010.The show’s owners have just singed a three-year-deal to remain at the Elstree TV studios.

It will go out with bang, says the Star. Or as the show’s spokesman tells the paper, the planning permission is “being finalised”.

That’s the best thing about Big Brother: the normality. The show always works best when the housemates are left to get on with it in a confined space.

But the Star wants more. It says Charley (“I’ll have a stab”) and Chanelle (“Big Bedder”) will do whatever it takes for the million.

Only there is no big money prize. The Star says there might be in Big Brother 11, when all former winners return to fight it out. Which means Charley will not only have to win this show but “bitch, bonk and backstab” for the next three years. Ever she may run out of impetus.

But Charley, as this year’s winner designate, she will compete against past Big Brother champions. The show’s first winner, Craig Phillips, has not drowned in his own saliva and will lead the likes of Brian Dowling, Cameron Stout (?), Nadia Almada, Anthony Hutton and Pete Bennett into the house.

They will be joined by Celebrity Big Brother winners Jack Dee, Mark Owen, Bez, Chantelle Houghton and Shilpa Shetty.

For reasons unspecified, the Star also finds room in the compound for Jade Goody. She has done well from the show, carving out a tasty career from the unpromising raw ingredient of soggy kebabs and bile.

Perhaps the plan is to seal the house with the winners within, a kind of Tomb of Our Time, a lasting landmark to celebrity?

And we can’t risk leaving out Jade out. Or Charley…

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