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£44,000 eBay Playstation Surprise

by | 19th, July 2007

YOU never know what you might find on eBay – a stuffed platypus, used knickers or maybe even forty four grand stuffed in a Playstation box. That’s what an unnamed 16-year-old found after paying £95 for a second-hand games console on the auction site.

On finding the £44,000 in euros in the box, the boy, from Aylsham, Norfolk, told his parents who immediately contacted the local police and handed over the money to officers.

The original supplier of the Sony PS2 is believed to be British and the police, who were first approached by the family on March 20, were granted an order by Norwich magistrates on June 22 to hold the money for an additional three months.

A police spokesman says: “’If we find the rightful owner of the money and they have a legitimate reason for having it, the money will be returned to them. If it is found to be the proceeds of crime then the courts will be able to seize the cash for public funds. However, if ownership cannot be ascertained then this boy’s family could apply to keep it under the Police Property Act.”

Let’s hope they can keep it.

Indeed, maybe there was more than £44,000 in there in the first place and they tucked a little aside before giving the Old Bill a call.

Maybe it is the proceeds of crime and the boy is cleverly laundering via the police?

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