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Britney Spears Strips

by | 20th, July 2007

britney-smoke.jpgBRITNEY Spears is in the sea.

Anorak is tempted to end the story there, it being the entire event encapsulated in a nutshell of hard fact. Brevity is the soul of good reporting.

But this is the Sun’s front page and the paper is keen to place the event in context, giving it a back story and meaning.

Britney took to the water dressed in her underwear. And not just any underwear but white knickers and pink bra.

The Mirror says this is what you gt for being spontaneous. Extra TV says Britney will shoot a music video for her new single “Get Back” today. Just as soon as her moment of carefree joy is captured by a passing camera crew.

The facts just keep on coming. And to answer your questions, the Sun says Britney made her way to the sea off the cost of Malibu in the arms of her bodyguard. Yes, yes, patience, dear reader. He is dressed in blue jeans and black T-shirt. He has facial hair, possibly a goatee beard.

The Mirror has the same “sensational pictures” trailed on its front page. But there is no shot of the bodyguard, just of Britney paddling in the sea up to her knees.

And wearing sunglasses.And hair…

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