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‘New Clues’ And No News For Madeleine McCann

by | 20th, July 2007

madeleine.jpg“MADDIE SUSPECT QUIZ HELD UP BY NEW CLUE.” So says the Star as Madeleine McCann continues to be missing.

A police source tells the paper: “In view of the outcome of the secondary interviews there may not be time this week. It may now be next week – but we will interview him as many times as necessary.”

There may not be time to interview Murat? And what of this new clue?

“Madeleine,” says the Express,” police reveal new clues.”

But not to us. Not to readers. These new clues have, apparently been revealed to Gerry and Kate McCann, Madeleine’s parents.

They have had “intense talks” with Guilhermino Encarncao, lead detective in the hunt.

Gerry McCann uses his blog to say the investigation is “very active”.

He tells us that he and his wife had a “longer meeting than usual with the Portuguese police. There is loads lot of labour-intensive work going on behind the scenes.”

But we get no news of this clue. The Express says Portugal’s “strict secrecy laws” prevent the McCanns from revealing what these new clues are. The Express reports much but reveals nothing – see it here.

Which given how the McCanns have solicited help from the world seems odd. If they have a clue and the public can help, surely Gerry McCann would tell us?

Perhaps the clue points to Madeleine’s whereabouts. She has been spotted in Malta, Morocco, Portugal and even Wales.

We wonder if there is any clue, or clues. How does the Express know there are clues when the police will not share any details with the press?

We leave another bulletin with the impression that there is no news, only speculation.

And know only that Madeleine McCann is missing. Still missing…

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