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Flood Waters Threaten Big Brother’s New Housemate

by | 24th, July 2007

ziggy-molly.jpgTHE flood waters are coming to Hertfordshire. And they threaten to swamp the Big Brother house.

What to do? “Women and children first,” goes the cry. But where does that leave Ziggy? Save yourselves. Don’t go back for anything. But Tracey is trying to keep her head above water and her roly dry. In her mind when the burning embers fizzle out so too will the buzz.

But Tracey won’t make it. She’s drifting and out to 159-1 to win the show. Bon voyage, Tracey. Have a good trip.

Gerry, back in to 22-1, saves his monkey; Carole, a generous 39-1, brings soap (if they are to be wet, they might as well be clean); Chanelle rescues the hair straigteners (possibly still plugged in); and Samanda rubs her temples and makes the waters part. Wood enthusiast Liam becalmed at 7-1, just floats.

But will help come? There are questions in the House.

Oliver Heald, conservative MP for North East Herts, says: “It is farcical that the Government only knows of one significant flood in 2002. I have had my constituents forced out of their homes from flooding and the Government is paying no attention.

“I have tabled more questions to ask what on earth they consider temporary high water conditions are if not a flood.

“I will be campaigning even more vigorously now for better flood protection for the residents of Hertfordshire. I shall make sure this Government takes flooding in Herts more seriously.”

And into the house, Big Brother introduces a dog. She’s called Molly. She is not a rescue dog. She is Ziggy’s Shar Pei.

Seeing how Ziggy operates with females, he will allow Molly to lick his face and then tell her “It’s not you, it’s me” before setting her free on the hard shoulder. He will then shout “Here girl!” and make her come running back to him.

“It’s so good to see you my baby,” says Ziggy, out to 59-1, as he meets pet in the Dairy Room. “I’ve missed you so much.”

He tells Chanelle: “I miss her. I sleep with her every night. She’s amazing. She’s the most beautiful dog.”

And we get an insight into Ziggy’s relationship with Chanelle: she is something warm to cuddle up with at night.

And Chanelle opens her big brown eyes, presses her wet nose and pleads for love…

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