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Media Studies: Penelope Cruise, BBC Truthers And GMTV

by | 25th, July 2007

penelope-cruz.jpgWHO dares say media studies is a waste of a life? Not we who have seen students and graduates expose no end of lies and untruths on the magic box.

“Big Brother is edited, don’tyerknow,” say the media studies graduates. GMTV quizzes are a con and cheat their viewers of millions of pounds. The Mirror reports that Paul Corley, managing director of GMTV since 2001, has:

a) Resigned
b) Walked to the moon
c) Captured Osama bin Laden?

• Calls to 0800PROZAC cost £5.00 a minute and can run for three days

And there’s the Mail’s news that BBC “bosses” have been teaching their staff not to lie. The corporation’s 16,500 drones are off on an “integrity course”.

And it’s not just the shows. It’s the adverts, too. So truthful is the BBC that the broadcaster’s breakfast show features a piece on Penelope Cruz’s eyes. The BBC is now the champion of justice. It is poacher turned gamekeeper.

The story is taken up in the Mirror. In “PENELOPE LASHED”, readers see the Hollywood star eulogising about L’Oreal’s Telescopic make up.

One wipe of the magic brush and Penelope’s eyelashes look up to 60 per cent longer. “So separated. So long. Imagine, lashes that could reach for the stars,” says the actress.

You can always trust an actress. Or so we thought. And we are horrified to learn that Penelope has not merely dabbed her eye hair in cutting-edge product but stuck on false lashes.

“What else about the Hollywood star may also be fake?” asks the Mirror. And media students knowingly rub their chins. They recall the once buck-toothed Penny Scroggins before she took up smoking and dyed her hair from its natural ginger.

Look out for a BBC expose on that on its whiter-than-white news service…

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